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Business Customisation

Business Customisation

There are options to add services offered, to add customised fields for data management and customise message templates. These are further explained as :

Customised Services: Here the user can add all the services offered by business against the rate/charge individually. This helps in generating the automatic bill after the appointment which can be further sent to the customer. Listed services also help in streamlining the appointments with proper staff.

Customised Fields: This feature is for data management for the customers/patients. We give default entries of name, number and email but as per the nature and requirement of business, user can add fields which will be present as added fields while filling data. Like, Age, Date of Birth etc.

Customised Message: Whenever the customer books an appointment or if the appointment is rescheduled or cancelled, the customer gets an auto generated customised message. The user can design templates and send them according to the requirement where and when needed. Image can also be uploaded and broadcasted for any promotions or communication.